SMF Animal Husbandry & Meat Processing

We offer workshops to help you successfully start and maintain poultry and ungulates economically and responsibly on your own property. Or, if you’re just interested in learning how it works here at SMF, you can take a tour! Our processing workshop will teach you how to humanely harvest animals at home, and process them safely and efficiently. By the end of the clinic, you may be proficient at the entire process, and take a few birds or a leg of lamb home with you!

Check out the dates in the link below.

Once you are familiar with processing poultry, we are happy to rent our equipment for use. We have everything you need to get the job done with ease including cones, scalder, plucker, and tables. Even delivery and assistance may be available. Please contact us to discuss details, price, and arrange a time. Rental rates start at $100 and increase depending on what is needed.

Equipment rental

Already have the know-how? We’d like to extend use of our equipment to you to make your processing day go smoothly!

Equipment rental

Our Featherman Pro XL makes plucking super easy. Capable of large turkeys or multiple roaster chickens. We have large scald pots and tables too, not pictured.

“Show thee where to find chickens in the grocery store, thou shall eat chicken for a day. Teach thee how to raise and harvest thy bird, thou shall be nourished for a long long time….

~Farmer Nate